The Gossip Game with Mike Walker

Mike Walker of the National Enquirer called in for this week's round of The Gossip Game. According to the contest's rules, Mike tells four gossip stories, only three of which are allegedly true. Everyone then tries to guess which report is definitely the fake one. Here are the stories Mike offered this morning:

(1) David Beckham gave a big tip to a Black Jack dealer in Las Vegas.

(2) Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson bought a bed together.

(3) Paris Hilton destroyed a hotel's $80,000 vase but got out of having to pay for it.

(4) Yoko Ono spit food into a flight attendant's hand during a trip to New York because she didn't like it.

While Howard went with the fourth story as the fake, Robin picked the second report, Artie chose the David Beckham story and Fred agreed with Artie. Mike then revealed Fred and Artie were correct with their guesses.