The Gossip Game with Mike Walker

Mike Walker of the National Enquirer called in for this week's round of The Gossip Game. According to the contest's rules, Mike tells four gossip stories, only three of which are allegedly true. Everyone then tries to guess which report is definitely the fake one. Here are the stories Mike offered this morning: 1. Jenny McCarthy goes to stores, buys clothes, wears them and then returns them to stores. She's says she knows how to hide the price tags and to tape the soles of shoes so the stores won't know she wore them. 2. Paris Hilton was getting laughed at by people at a club. She thought it was because she was going to jail but a friend told her she had toilet paper sticking out of her panties. She pulled it out and said that at least she was wearing panties. 3. Ben Affleck was out playing with his 18 month old in a park when he got stuck in a plastic pipe maze. He wasn't able to pull himself out so an emergency team had to disassemble the maze to get him out. 4. Simon Cowell has to be taken off stage by a production assistant during "American Idol" commercial breaks so he can smoke a cigarette. Howard and Robin both picked the Paris Hilton story as the fake, Fred went with Jenny McCarthy (but only he agreed to pick the number one story in advance because he's won so many times) and Artie thought the Simon Cowell story was the phony. A very pleased Mike Walker said none of them were right this week, and Fred admitted that he wouldn't have picked the Ben Affleck story either.