Chris Cornell in Studio: Grunge Cleans up Nicely

June 12, 2007
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chris Cornell came in to promote his new solo record, which got Howard and Robin talking about how Chris reportedly used to be a difficult guy to interview. Once in the studio, Chris said a lot of those rumors stem from his days in Soundgarden when he and the band were trying to look cool and indifferent in front of each other.

Chris said he started writing songs at 9, but “being famous came much later.” Chris claimed before he began singing at 21, he was the drummer in about 10 “horrible” bands. Despite the quality of the music, Chris said the second he stepped on stage with any band girls’ attitudes toward him changed.

Howard asked what he thought of Eddie Vedder and Chris said the Pearl Jam frontman was one of his “best friends in the world.” However, Chris also said he was never close with fellow grunge rocker Kurt Cobain.

Chris claimed his rock supergroup Audioslave broke up after their collaborative writing process began producing songs that all sounded the same. Chris noted he’s financially stable enough to withstand the hit should his solo career bomb.

Chris performed “Black Hole Sun” live in the studio and explained afterward he wrote the song as he drove home one morning at 4 a.m. Artie asked if “Spoonman” was about heroin and Chris replied it was about “Artis the Spoonman,” an actual spoon-playing street performer from Seattle. A listener wanted to know how Chris gets his voice ready so early in the morning and Chris answered he just pretends it’s still last night.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show