Couples Therapy Aftermath

Howard discusses the latest sessions with Dr. Keith Ablow

Howard said Beth asked for his help yesterday, but he refused to go into her office because of the carpet. Howard added that, as she was leaving for an event, Beth pulled up her skirt and he caught a glimpse of her panties, which drove him crazy. This led Howard to note that the therapy session yesterday with Dr. Keith Ablow made their relationship stronger, but added that he was a little freaked out when Dr. Ablow tried to talk him into the possibility of having children. Fred said he understood that Dr. Ablow was trying to keep Howard from slamming the door on Beth's feelings. Artie agreed, saying that Dr. Ablow just presented Howard with a choice: a life without Beth or a life with Beth and a baby. Robin thought that if she didn't want a kid, but the man she loved did, then she would have it for him. Howard responded by asking what he should do if Beth's fantasy was to see him blow a guy. Everyone laughed and agreed that Howard had a point. Ralph called up to say that if Beth ever decides that she wants kids, Howard can just divorce her. Fred claimed that was no way to walk into a relationship. Howard said he thought he and Beth were "clear" about this issue. Robin replied that Howard wasn't letting Beth fully contribute to that decision. Howard said it doesn't matter, as the thought of chasing around children when he's 70 drives him crazy.