The Lonely Existence of High Pitch Mike

Steve Langford reported that pictures have surfaced of High Pitch Mike's solo trip to Disneyland, so Mike came in to say he also had a single ticket to this year's American Idol Tour because he's a "Fanjaya."

Gary reported that a lot of staffers invite Mike to do things, but Mike has no phone other than his hard line at work, so it's impossible to get a hold of him. Howard added that the staff thinks Mike has a crush on Sanjay.

Mike replied that he didn't have a cell phone or a crush on Sanjaya. Richard came in to say that he invited Mike to come to Coney Island with him, but Mike could only go if Richard called him before 7 because that's when he was leaving work (and his only phone).

Mike said Will was the only staffer to ever ask him to do anything, adding that JD had a get-together last weekend and he was not invited. Richard then showed the crew a picture Mike took with Sanjaya, and everyone laughed hysterically.