Simmons (Kind of) Explains His Issue with the 'N-Word'

Russell Simmons came in to explain why he called Howard a "nigga." Russell said he saw Beth the other day, noting that his daughter took quite a liking to her. Howard asked if Russell's ex-wife Kimora has taken half his money, and Russell declared they didn't need to split the money. Howard and Robin were even more surprised when Russell claimed he didn't have a problem with Kimora's new boyfriend, Djimon Hounsou. Howard asked why Russell would use the "n-word" when he had publicly denounced it on "Oprah." Russell explained that the "n-word" is a curse word, so he doesn't want to hear it on mainstream media outlets. Russell complained that the "Wack Pack Feedback" segment from yesterday made his "heart hurt." Howard played some clips from the segment, and Russell said some people "needed work" before they could use the "n-word." Russell told Howard a story about how he used to manage Madonna, but missed out on signing her to Def Jam. Howard asked Russell about all the other hot chicks he's been dating since his divorce, and Russell said he's now settled down with one. Russell claimed he didn't mind Kimora's spending their money because "she makes bank, she can spend bank." Howard asked Russell if Kimora really spent $150,000 on a handbag, but Russell changed the subject.

Leave the Guests Alone

Howard reported that Sal was in the hall telling Russell Simmons that he was the white devil who made the fake calls using the voices of Leon Spinks, Crazy Alice and Blue Iris. Sal came in to say he was just explaining to Russell that there were no hard feelings. Howard told Sal to never talk to another guest again unless he's friends with them outside the show. Gary said Sal will even creepily approach the porn star guests and tell them his favorite scenes of theirs, so Howard reminded Sal that he should "do something funny" instead of talking to guests.