The Gossip Game with Mike Walker

Howard noted that Mike Walker from the National Enquirer was on the line, as he is every Thursday, to play "The Gossip Game," in which he reads four gossip items – three of which are (allegedly) true, and one false – and the crew has to guess which is the fake. Mike then read this week's stories:

1. Eric Dane wrecked his motorcycle when he tried to avoid a coyote.

2. Petra Nemcova triple kiss-greeting is slowing down the production of her reality show.

3. Woody Harrellson yelled at Luke and Owen Wilson when he lost a croquet match.

4. Fergie threw away the signed tennis ball Maria Sharapova gave her boyfriend, Josh Duhamel.

Howard and Artie picked item 3 as the fake. Robin picked 4. Fred went with 1, because he thought he had heard a similar story about another person recently. Mike then revealed that Fred suspicions were right; the first item was indeed a recycled item about "House's" Hugh Laurie.