The Evil Dave Game

Howard announced that he had a bunch of clips of Evil Dave trying to pronounce "difficult" words, but before he played them, everyone had to guess if he would be able to get them right or not. The first word was "rhapsody." Artie didn't think Dave could pull it off, but Robin did. Evil Dave failed. Howard said the next word was "Zimbabwe." Everyone said no, but Dave surprised the studio by getting it right. Then "cucumbers;" Robin said no, Howard yes. Dave failed. Robin and Fred then guessed correctly that Dave couldn't pronounce "esophagus." For the next word, "anemia," Robin bet $20 that he'd get it right, so Howard took her bet. Howard lost. Next, "cranberry;" Robin and Howard said Dave could easily say such an easy word, so Artie bet them $20 that he couldn't. Artie lost. The next word, "coronation," didn't even warrant a bet, as everyone knew Dave didn't have a chance...which he didn't.

The betting ramped up when Howard told the crew that Evil Dave's next word was "fellatio." Robin predicted that Dave would nail it for $20, so Howard and Artie each took the bet. Robin lost $20 to each. Both Robin and Howard thought "corsage" would be easy for Dave, but Artie dissented, and earned himself $40. Evil Dave fumbled "emancipated" next, and Howard took $20 from Robin in the process.

Robin lost another $40 to Howard and Artie when Evil Dave brutalized "conquistador." Evil Dave then defied everyone's prediction by correctly pronouncing "Rapscallion," which led Robin to remark that she couldn't make sense of Dave's verbal skills. The crew then correctly guessed that Dave would bungle "quadruplets." Robin then won $20 from Howard after Dave nailed "Psychological." Artie then went double-or-nothing against Howard and Robin on his bet that Evil Dave would correctly say "Quagmire," and ended up with nothing.