Eric the Midget Wants a New Name

January 14, 2008

Howard got Eric the Midget on the line and played a tape Eric had made of names he’d like to be called instead of Eric the Midget; “Eric the Idiot, Eric the Buttf’er, Eric the Jackass, or Eric the Retard.” Eric insisted that the tape was fake and repeated his desire to be called “Eric the Actor.” The crew thought Eric needed acting experience before they’d consent to calling him “Eric the Actor,” so Eric noted his one acting credit.

Eric told the crew that he called into Bridget Marquardt’s radio show on Playboy Radio, but the producer was an “asswipe” and refused to take the call. Ralph called in with a new name for Eric, “Eric the Incredibly Delusional Idiot.” Eric ignored Ralph’s comment and began talking about his “girlfriend,” but Howard told him that a girl that hot would never be really his girlfriend. Howard then invited Eric and his “girlfriend” to the show for a formal inquisition.