Eric the Midget's 'Girlfriend'

Eric the Midget called in, so Howard asked if he knew that his "girlfriend," Kendra, lists herself as single on her Myspace page and has Eric listed as her 13th favorite friend. Eric claimed that neither he nor Kendra have had the chance to change their relationship status on Myspace yet and also denied that Kendra was involved with Johnny Fratto's son. Howard and Artie asked Eric how he stayed in contact with his "girlfriend," so Eric explained that he emailed and texted her yesterday. Eric remarked that Kendra was only interested in being involved with him – and not the show – so Gary asked Eric to dare him to book Kendra on the show. Eric balked and refused to dare Gary. Howard did the daring for him, and Gary promised that he'd have Kendra on the show by Thursday. Howard then continued to rib Eric with some edited "Eric the..." clips, but Eric only became more angry and difficult than usual.