"Jillian (Dis)Grace"

Howard got Marc, a "men's advocate," on the phone, to discuss the David Spade/Jillian Grace situation, and Marc immediately tore into Jillian, or "Jillian (dis)Grace" as he called her. Marc warned men to never leave a condom behind, as some gold-digging women have actually emptied the contents into themselves in hopes of collecting child support/alimony. Marc also advised men to have a clear discussion about pregnancy with their sexual partners before having sex. Howard said he was suspicious of Jillian's choice to publicly announce the paternity of her baby, and Marc replied that it was because David's not a pool boy. Fred countered that if David was a pool boy, he wouldn't even have access to hot pieces of ass in the first place. Marc then told the crew to beware; women are playing Russian roulette with your wallet and ultimately responsible for their pregnancies.