Eric the Midget Loses His Virginity

October 14, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget and Johnny Fratto called in to announce that Eric lost his virginity over the weekend. Eric explained that he went to Dennis Hof’s newest brothel, the Love Shack, in Nevada and met a prostitute named Hailey: “My plan was just to go there, meet with people and connect.” Howard looked at a picture of Hailey and said he was impressed: “Oh, wow…she’s cute…wow, what a bod.” Robin thought she looked a little like Kate Hudson, and Howard agreed: “But with real big tits.” Howard asked for more details, so Eric noted his status as an “invited, comped guest” at the ranch. Eric telegraphed in the rest: “I was rub[pausing]bing her [pause]breasts and suck[pause]ing on them [pause] and I said to her she [pause] could [pause] put her hand [pause] down my pants and underwear [pause] but she just took them [pause] off…she actually compli[pause]mented me on my [pause] penis…She said some[pause]thing like, ‘You have a real[pause]ly great looking penis.'” Howard asked if protection was used, and Eric confessed that she did put a rubber on him after she threw him on the bed.