The State of Howard & Ralph's Union

Howard played a clip from yesterday's Wrap-Up Show of the staff trying to figure out his friendship with Ralph and decided to settle the debate: "Here's the truth about my relationship with Ralph: I've never really hung out with Ralph all that much...I see Ralph socially once - possibly twice - a month...There was a time when I was single and there was this posse when we would go out and Ralph was a part of that." Howard explained: "I still consider Ralph the guy I like to hang out with most. But I don't really hang out with him a lot."

Howard added that the relationship's shift was mostly Ralph's fault: "I started inviting Ralph to stay [over at my Hamptons house] and every time there was a problem...You need a team of people to entertain Ralph...There's a lot of neediness." Robin asked if Howard thought Ralph was jealous of his other friendships, but Howard did not: "No...I just think he's a difficult houseguest."