The Evil Dave Game

A caller wanted to play a game, so Howard offered $1,000 if he could guess which drugs Evil Dave could pronounce correctly, explaining that Sal and Richard handed Evil Dave a list of words and had him read them aloud. Howard then read the words, waited for the caller's guess and played the clips: Subutex. The caller guessed Evil Dave would get it wrong and was right. Evil Dave pronounced it "sudutex." Penicillin. The caller predicted that Evil Dave would mess up, but he got it right. Paxil. The caller again guessed Evil Dave would stumble and was right. Evil Dave said it "panix." Zoloft. The caller thought Evil Dave would get it wrong, but Evil Dave nailed it. Hydrocodone. The caller won by correctly predicting Evil Dave would flub the word. In the clip, Evil Dave said something like "hydoxicillin."