Will a Bunny Ranch Girl Bang Eric Without Plugs or On-Air Time?

Howard defends Natalie Maines' claims against the Nevada prostitutes

Dennis Hof called in to defend the prostitutes that work at his Bunny Ranch, saying Natalie Maines was acting like a "Dixie Clit" when she called them whores.

Howard took Natalie's side, as she was just pointing out that the Bunny Ranch girls stood to gain from their appearance/mentions on the show.

Eric the Midget also called in to echo Dennis' sentiments, leading Dennis to claim that the girls had really liked Eric - they just won't bang him anymore now that they'd been called frauds by Natalie.

Artie consoled Eric: "Listen Eric, if they won't do it, you can always go f' yourself."

Eric said "No one is using me at that ranch," but Howard thought Eric was being illogical: "Natalie Maines thinks you're being used, and in response that girl is not giving you sex? She's punishing you for what someone else said? You can't blame Natalie for that."

Eric replied that "It was like saying there's no Santa Claus. It made them look bad."

Robin laughed: "Does that make Santa Clause stop giving gifts?"

Howard then demanded a test of Eric's theory: a Bunny Ranch girl sleeps with him without any on-air plugs or mentions.