JD the Radio Host Freaks Out

Artie started off the show saying JD should've been able to get laid after the "Too Fat To Fish" book signing in LA: "There was so much pussy in line...and JD's hosting his own show in front of them. [Even] Ryan Phillippe was there and could not get this guy laid." Howard was disappointed, so JD came in to explain: "I think I'm like the Clay Aiken of...I don't know...[My fans] were all older." Howard then played a few clips from the show JD hosted live from the book signing. In one, JD freaked out as Steve Langford tried to help things along: "I wanna kill myself right now, Steve...I got like you talking to me! I got like people over here talking to me! I don't know what the f' to do!" In another clip, Steve Langford tried to make JD feel better, telling him he was the man, but JD disagreed: "No I'm not! This is the worst show ever!"