The Beetlejuice Barnyard Game, Pt. 2

A caller began boring the crew with his life story, so Howard cut him off and promised to turn his year around with a $1,000 prize. The catch: a successful round of the Beetlejuice Barnyard Game. Howard explained that Richard and Sal recently played a bunch of animal sound effects for Beet and asked him to name the corresponding animal. If the caller could guess which sounds Beet recognized, he'd earn $1,000. Howard then started in with the sound effects: A rooster's crow.

The caller predicted that Beet would say it was a rooster or chicken, but Beet was stumped: "I can't figure it out." A frog's croak. The caller correctly guessed that Beet would know the answer: "It's a frog!" Howard then played one more just for fun: a crow's caw. Beetle's response: "It's an f'ing bird!"