Rock-N-Roll Cold Cases

Howard got Denny Somach, the show's resident music plagiarism expert/fan, on the phone and played him the latest controversial pairing: Joe Satriani's "If I Could" and Coldplay's "Viva la Vida." Everyone agreed that the Coldplay song blatantly ripped off Joe's melody: "It's even in the same key." Howard thought Joe had a real case on his hands: "Case over." Denny predicted that the case would be settled before it went to court. After hearing yet another claim to the song's melody (by The Creaky Boards) Robin laughed: "It's like everyone stole a really crappy song." Denny then told the crew that he's searched far and wide in an attempt to find John Lennon's final resting place: "Most people think he's in Strawberry Fields, which he's not. Some people say he's in Liverpool, but he's not. The third option is that he was cremated." Denny noted that Yoko Ono once admitted in an interview that John was actually buried somewhere but never explained the claim any further. Howard put a reward out for the correct answer.