Ken the Intern Surveys His Jackpot

Howard asked to talk with Ken the Intern, the winner of the Secret Santa Lottery (Howard picked his name): "What's your dream Christmas gift?" Ken said "this" - being on the show. Gary asked him what his favorite band was, so Ken cited Slayer and Pantera. Howard joked, "Would you like me to buy those guys and have 'em play for you? Would you like to be in Pantera? I could hire Dee Snider to live with like horror? I could give you the ultimate horror experience. You could go live with High Pitch Erik." Ken confessed that he had a Tinkerbell tattoo he no longer liked - he got it when he was 16 and wanted to show people he didn't really care what they thought. Howard said he'd be glad to pay for its removal but then changed his mind and asked if Ken had any student loans. Ken said he still owed about a lot. Howard promised: "Let's put it this way, you're student loan is over. At least 500 dollars of it is over."