Mike Walker's Gossip Game

Howard got Mike Walker of The National Enquirer on the line, as he does every Thursday, to play "The Gossip Game," in which Mike reads four gossip items – three (allegedly) true, and one false – and the crew has to guess the fake. But, before starting the game, Howard had to point out that today was the second anniversary of the infamous "Mike Walker Fart" that Richard Christy caught on tape while Mike waited to go on the air. Mike then read this week's stories:

1. Britney Spears insisted on wearing sunglasses during rehearsals for her role on "How I Met Your Mother."
2. Ben Affleck didn't join his wife, Jennifer Garner, at the Oscars because he thought his "I'm F'ing Ben Affleck" video would detract red carpet attention from Jennifer's role in "Juno."
3. Jennifer Aniston stormed out of a boutique after a fellow customer sarcastically responded when she asked, "Does this make my butt look big?"
4. Kelly Clarkson led a plane-wide sing-along on a delayed flight.
Howard didn't think Kelly Clarkson was that crazy, Robin doubted that Jennifer Aniston would shop at a Bebe located in a mall, and both Artie and Fred thought the second item was too convoluted. Mike then announced that Howard was right.