'David Lee Roth' Too Lucid To Be Real

"David Lee Roth" stopped by to promote the Van Halen tour – which is apparently no longer cancelled. "David" made a few jokes that didn't make sense, and Howard joked that even "Dave" doesn't understand what he's saying. A caller asked "Dave" what happened with his old show on KROCK, but "Dave" avoided the question with some more jokes; "Things might've been pretty bad there for a while, but at least I'm not the lead singer of Ratt." Robin asked "Dave" if he was really forgetting lyrics during recent performances, and "David" fessed up, adding, "At least I'm not holding the microphone upside-down like Sinatra." "Dave" also told the crew about seeing Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony backstage at a recent gig in LA, and they hadn't aged well; "I wondered who let Artie Lange and High Pitch Erik backstage." Howard then thanked Billy Mira for stopping by and amusing the crew with his impression of Dave.