Ralph Overload

Howard started off the show noting that Ralph had been drinking before yesterday's show. Artie wasn't surprised – Ralph called in twenty times yesterday (Howard took eleven of the calls, and the Wrap-Up Show took one). Howard described the single requirement of Ralph's job as a stylist: he has to bring clothes to Howard's every Monday for a quick 45 minute meeting. Howard went on to say how Ralph showed up over 45 minutes late yesterday – while Howard was in the middle of an important business/conference call. As soon as he arrived, Ralph began complaining that some of the antibiotics he took were upsetting his stomach, so he kept rushing to the bathroom with diarrhea. When Howard speculated that Ralph's drinking might've been conflicting with the antibiotics, Ralph insisted that it was the yogurt he'd been eating. Howard said he appreciated Ralph's eye for clothes, but added that it had become laborious to put up with his bullshit.