Back Off, Lead Singer Haters, Says Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland called in to promote the Stone Temple Pilots reunion. Howard asked Scott about his wife's crazy antics, but Scott took part of the blame, saying they were both bi-polar: "It definitely made the sex interesting." Howard wondered if Scott ever cheated on her, and Scott said that he's never cheated on his current wife. Scott also confessed that he still drinks a little, but he's been off heroin for five years. Scott went on a strange rant about the "baggage" that surrounded his stint in Velvet Revolver, describing his ex-band members as "lead singer haters." Howard took Scott to task for his own lead singer-hating, as Scott once called Axl Rose "an untalented little man," but Scott refused to comment further and would only offer a slightly backhanded compliment: Guns N Roses put out one the best records of the 80s.