Benjybenjy ISO Love

April 28, 2008
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard speculated that Benjy’s recent public hygiene habits indicated a serious look-at/love-me-daddy complex, he must have been ignored by his father. Benjy protested, saying he had a great relationship with his parents – he even talks with them for several hours every week. Robin thought Howard liked Sal better than Benjy, but Howard refused to confirm her theory: “That’s a tough one.” Daphne, a listener who once went out with Benjy, called in and claimed that Benjy tried to sleep with her, but Benjy said her side of the story was all wrong: “I’m sure a lot of guys would find her attractive…but I don’t particularly find you attractive.” Daphne shot back that Benjy was “classless,” but Benjy would only say “If your hands were a little smaller, you could be beautiful. She just needs to lose a little weight.”