You Ta...lkin' To Me?

Colin Quinn called in to talk about his "Taxi Driver" remake, which, now that Eric the Midget's agreed to star, will go forward as planned. Eric also called in, so Howard asked Eric if he would take direction from Colin – or if Eric would shave his mustache for the production. Eric was hesitant, and Robin laughed that Eric was already being difficult. Eric then gave everyone a preview of the movie's most famous line: "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?" Unsatisfied, Howard decided to show Eric how it was done and recited some classic monologues from the film. Artie explained some of the similarities between Eric and Travis Bickle: Eric's loneliness has given way to "stalkerish" tendencies. Howard continued to question how dedicated Eric would be to the role, so the little guy promised to don a skullcap for the Mohawk Travis wears in the film's penultimate scenes.