Mike Walker's Gossip Game

Howard got Mike Walker of The National Enquirer on the line, as he does every Thursday, to play "The Gossip Game," in which Mike reads four gossip items – three (allegedly) true, and one false – and the crew has to guess the fake. After Howard again praised Mike's new book, "Get Real! The Sexy, Scary, Scandalous World of Reality TV," Mike read this week's stories: 1. Katie Holmes loves her new remodeled home because it has an in-house spray-tan facility. 2. Matthew McConaughey stopped at a random house to use the toilet on a mid-day run. 3. Hank Williams Jr. charges $500 just for a meet-and-greet, and the ticket holders have to follow crazy strict rules. 4. Pamela Anderson secretly had her Vegas hotel room's walls painted pink. Howard, Robin, and Fred all went with the Pamela Anderson story. Artie thought the Matthew McConaughey item wasn't true – it's more likely just one of Mike's secret fantasies. Mike then said everyone was wrong: the Katie Holmes story is false.