Jessica Hahn is Upset, Pt. II

May 13, 2008

Howard took a call from Jessica Hahn, who was still upset that Howard didn’t let her make a point about Barbara Walters the other day. Jessica went on for a while, and again Howard had to cut in and try to make sense of her emotional rambling. Howard read some emails from listeners criticizing Howard for the way he treated Jessica the other day. However, when he read one that mentioned Jessica’s recently deceased boyfriend, Jessica began crying and cursing Howard out until she eventually hung up. Howard eventually got Jessica back on the line and apologized, saying he was sorry her calls always ended in tears.

Everyone heard Lisa G laughing at Jessica in the halls, so Lisa came in to explain that Jessica needed to get a life outside of listening to the show. Jessica blew up at Lisa and began swearing at her, so Artie came to Lisa’s defense, saying he thought Jessica needed to talk to a therapist about her emotional state. Robin thought this was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, but Artie muttered that he didn’t see it that way.