Howard Offers Congrats to Jon Favreau for 'Iron Man' Success

Howard got Jon Favreau on the line to congratulate him on the success of "Iron Man," especially the idea to cast Robert Downey Jr.

Jon thanked Howard and said it was important to work with a great actor in a movie like "Iron Man," as a superhero could seem unreal without a human face.

Howard rejoiced at the opportunity to geek out over superheroes, and Robin told Jon that "Iron Man" was the best superhero movie she'd ever seen. Jon said he was glad they enjoyed the film – he dedicated two years of his life to it.

Howard told Jon he'd be smart to direct a sequel, and Jon said he was in negotiations to do just that, adding that if he does strike a deal, he'd like to cover the "drunken Iron Man" storyline.

Ralph called in to say he loved the movie's believability, but thought Jeff Bridges' character took to his own suit much too fast. Jon admitted that Jeff's character covered a lot of ground quickly and promised to really hit the sequel out of the park.

Howard asked Jon if he thought Robert would be able to keep his demons under control after the movie's success, but Jon explained there was no need for concern, as Robert was "scary"-dedicated to his sobriety.