Charlie Murphy Won't Smoke With Hoes

Charlie Murphy stopped by to promote his new DVD, "Bar Starz," and he and Howard immediately bonded over the nightmarish childhoods they spent in Roosevelt, Long Island. Howard asked if Charlie had spoken with Dave Chappelle recently, but Charlie admitted he'd only talked with Dave a few times: "In the past three and a half years, not much...whatever's going on, it must be big. I have no explanation for where he's at right now. It's strange to me." Robin asked Charlie about his brother, Eddie's impromptu wedding in Bora Bora, but Charlie laughed that he couldn't say - he wasn't even there due to scheduling conflicts. Charlie added: "It wasn't even real...It was a Fantasy Island wedding." Gary confirmed the story, explaining that the marriage wasn't legal in the US. Howard then shifted gears and asked Charlie if he smoked weed. Charlie fessed up: "Quite often." Howard wondered if Charlie smoked with his "hoes," but Charlie balked: "I don't have hoes, I smoke with my bros."

Charlie told the crew about sleeping on the freeway in West Virginia: "All the traffic came to a dead halt. We sat there from 9 o'clock at night until 7 the next morning...they had a sniper [on the road ahead] who shot three people. We were in a big white limo, which would've been a perfect target." Howard then asked if Charlie was ever seriously scared for his safety after performing in some of the deeper red states, but Charlie acted like it wasn't a huge concern.