Jimmy's Not Laughing, Ralph

Howard started off the show reading a "scathing" email from Jimmy Kimmel, who was really pissed off at Ralph's accusations of bit-thievery on yesterday's show. In the email, Jimmy even threatened to "beat the shit" out of Ralph and break his nose. Howard said the match would actually be a good contest: "Ralph can fight like a bear." Fred countered that Jimmy had been trained to box by Adam Carolla – it's actually how they met. Jimmy's email also pointed out how Howard hadn't invented the bits in question. Artie agreed, saying the bits were classics with a Stern twist. Howard refused to side with Jimmy and reconcile the issue, as he wanted to see a fight: "I want them to fight over me. It'd make me feel like the woman I am...Ralph does not like Jimmy and me [being close friends]." Later, Ralph called in to insist he wasn't jealous – and had a "much deeper" relationship with Howard than Jimmy.