Idle Hanzi's Life in the Rye

Handsy called in to talk about Bill Murray's cameo in "Get Smart," but Artie cut him off: "You sound particularly retarded today." Handsy took offense, so Howard asked Handsy to list anything worthwhile he'd done lately. Handsy couldn't come up with much and confessed that he lived – and smoked pot – on his parent's dime. The gang then tried to get Handsy to do some of his comedy material, but the guy couldn't even read his jokes without stuttering.

Jason came in with a few of Handsy's blog posts, which reminded Howard of Holden Caulfield, the negative narrator of "The Catcher in the Rye." Robin told Handsy to stop talking down to himself, and Howard suggested that he get a job behind the counter at a surf shop. Handsy said he didn't want to busy himself with something he couldn't do for the rest of his life. Howard thought differently, remarking that Handsy's life would probably be improved by ANY kind of job.