Joan Rivers Takes On Ice T's Whole Family

Joan Rivers stopped by to promote her appearance on tonight's "Celebrity Family Feud" and told the crew that she was also being followed by cameras for a documentary. Howard wondered if the documentary's year-long, 24-7 shooting schedule was expensive, so the documentarian, Ricki Stern (no known relation), came in to explain that she had adequate funding after being "shortlisted" for an Academy Award. Joan laughed that her family had a great time facing off against Ice T's family in "Celebrity Family Feud," but Howard was more interested in the Giffords' upcoming episode: "You know what would be good? The Giffords against the family of the woman Frank cheated with." Howard then asked Joan if she had any memories of George Carlin, but Joan reminisced about their days as struggling stand-up contemporaries down in the Village.

Joan's Top 5 Comedians

Howard asked Joan to list her top 5 comedians, and Joan ripped 'em off: "Number one: Lenny Bruce. No question. Second, in my head: Richard Pryor. Then would come...Dame Edna. On the same line would go [George] Carlin and then Robin Williams," even though she had some issues with him. Howard wondered if Joan had ever slept with Lenny Bruce, so Joan lamented that he'd made a pass at her, but she was too stupid to take him up on it. On their lone date, Lenny fell asleep in his drink.

Joan told the crew that she still couldn't figure out why she was kicked off the "Loose Women" chat show in England, explaining that she'd even warned them about the language she was about to use: "On radio they have seven seconds of delay...I said: 'Prepare to bleep.'" Howard then asked after Joan's late dog, and Joan told the crew that she was so desperate to save the ailing pup, she tried to "lay her hands" on it like a faith healer. The subject was obviously sensitive, as Joan began crying.

Joan's Beds Are Rocking

Joan then took some ribbing after she admitting that she'd attempted to contact her dog – and ex-boyfriends – through a "medium." Despite the crew's doubts, Joan maintained that her late boyfriend Oren had visited her several times: "The bed shook in Los Angeles right after he died. The bed shook again in London. Very hard. And I was in New York and the bed shook again." Howard wondered why Oren would come back just to shake her bed, and Joan confessed that he probably knew it'd been years since her bed had shaken at all.