Has Howard's Movie Wife Had Work Done?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie the Limo Driver came in to speculate that Mary McCormack had undergone cosmetic surgeries to improve her nose, lips and breasts: "But she looks good. Whoever did it did a good job." Shortly after, Mary stopped by and promised Howard that she hadn't had any surgeries: "You have to feel [my boobs]...I'll prove anything. Touch anything you want." Mary added that she was aging, but Howard didn't want to hear it. Howard wondered if it was difficult for Mary to see him engaged to Beth, and Mary played along: "It is. It's really difficult." Howard regretted that he couldn't have dated his "movie wife" after divorcing his real one, as the relationship would've generated a ton of negative media attention. Howard then took issue with the nudity in Mary's new show, noting that she wouldn't consent to the same thing on the set of "Private Parts." Mary countered that it was only "a little bit" of nudity.