Do The Stern Staff Guys Have Any Shame?

A caller asked if any of the guys were ever ashamed of a chick they'd banged, and Howard was the first to fess up: "One night I did Quaaludes. I got crazy horny and I banged [a girl]...I prayed to Jesus that no one would see me walking this girl back to her dorm...I never talked to her again. I never acknowledged her. I pretended like it never happened...I'm gonna throw up right now." Howard added that he once broke up with a girl for the same reason: "I realized I [was] embarrassed. She looked like a bus hit her...Imagine Elle Macpherson's body with Eric the Midget's head...I did her and I did her again and I was wrong to do it." Artie had a similar story about a chick he banged in the backseat of his '78 Montecarlo, laughing that she was so gross, he was only able to climax by focusing on her tits. Howard said he understood – if you can find one good body part to focus on, it's not so hard to finish. Artie added that he saw her searching him over for a good body part to focus on as well, but he doubted she was successful.