Sarah Silverman is Single

Howard started off the show noting the break-up of his friends Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman. Howard said the couple was supposed to come stay with him last weekend, but Jimmy called to cancel a few days before, explaining that he and Sarah were going through some tough times. Howard said he was so upset by the news, he had to take a walk. Jimmy told him that he felt like he'd lost his best friend, and via email, Sarah wished Jimmy all the best. Artie said he thought Sarah breaking up with Jimmy meant one thing: Jimmy's show is close to being canceled. Artie continued to speculate, saying it was possible that Jimmy wanted to get out there and enjoy the spoils of his success – Sarah was only the second chick he's ever dated. Howard refused to say what Jimmy had told him privately, but when he asked if there was any chance of reconciliation, Jimmy's response led him to think it was really over.