Mike Walker's Gossip Game

Howard got Mike Walker from the National Enquirer on the line, as he does every Thursday, to play The Gossip Game, in which Mike reads four gossip items three (allegedly) true, one false and the crew has to guess the fake. After plugging his new book, Mike read this week's stories:

1. Rosie O'Donnell bought her partner Kelly some expensive jewelry in Seattle.
2. George Michael mistook a fellow restroom user for a cop trying to catch him misbehaving.
3. Hayden Panettiere surprised her boyfriend, Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, with a very special (and public) birthday-striptease.
4. Drew Barrymore accidentally sent her ex, Justin Long, some other guy's underwear when she returned his belongings.
Howard thought Hayden Panettiere was too innocent for a public striptease. Robin and Artie guessed that Mike just wanted to talk about George Michael. Fred suspected the Drew Barrymore item sounded suspicious. Mike then confirmed that Fred was right yet again.