Do You Have Black Friends?

Howard noted that HowardTV wanted the crew to go through their Rolodexes to see if they had any black friends listed. Artie quickly announced how he was in the clear: one of his best friends from high school is black. Howard looked through his phonebook and found two: his former housekeeper and Robin Givens. Artie laughed that this game would be a lot more fun if they played it with Kim Kardashian, as she's notorious for only dating black men. Howard wondered if that was a fetish, saying he used to know a Jewish girl who drove her parents crazy with her love of black men. He then went through the rest of his phonebook in search of African Americans: "Christie Brinkley, David Arquette, David Spade, Eddie Van Halen, Esthero, Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Piscopo, Linda Lopez, Mary McCormack, Meg Griffin, Rebecca blacks."