How Soon is Too Soon?

Artie asked Howard if he thought it was too soon for him to make fun of Sarah Silverman's breakup with Jimmy Kimmel at an upcoming Bob Saget roast, but Howard didn't think so: "Everyone else is going to." Howard thought Artie should do one better and try to bang Sarah, but Artie explained that there was no chance: "That's not going to happen...Let's put it this way: Sarah's had plenty of chances to profess her love for me." Artie then told a story about going through a set of pictures that would be included in his new book and discovering that one of them was from his and Dana's second date: "It killed me." Howard gave an "aww" as he saw the photo: "You're about 150lbs lighter." Artie said there was a chapter in his new book about their relationship - as well as a high school prom picture of him with the chick he tried to rob a bank for/with.