Chit Chatting Co-Workers

"Oprah" calls in to chat.

Photo: PRPhotos

Howard got "Oprah" (actually Lisa Lampanelli) on the phone to celebrate the merger. Among other things, "Oprah" said she wanted to "wrap her meat curtains around the Sybian," pleasure herself with a rolling pin and bond with Robin, as they're both burdened with pendulous breasts. "Oprah" also claimed she was the "top" in her relationship with Gayle King: "Me, of course...I strap it on." "Oprah" then said she had some old pants to give Artie - and also expressed a desire to wear LeBron James' testicles as earrings. As she said goodbye, "Oprah" further dazzled the crew by briefly tapping her "enormous clit" against her phone's receiver.