Chris Rock's Brother is His Own Man

Tony Rock, Chris' brother, stopped by to promote his new TV show, "The Tony Rock Project," and said that while his brother is the number 1 comic, he's "probably number 7." Tony told the crew that it's never been easy working as a comic in his brother's shadow: for a long time, he'd just get booed off the stage. Howard asked if Tony was doing well now, and Tony said he was: "This is my third TV show." Tony said his last show was on the air for four years, and he has several projects in the works. Tony laughed that, like Howard, Chris told him not to get married, and he's taken the advice to heart: "If you're single and want to f' a Rock brother, I'm your man." Tony added that he went to fashion week party last night: "It was easy pickins, man." Howard asked if Tony was voting for Obama, and he said he was, "Of course." Tony also claimed he'd dated some b-list celebrities, like Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child and a few others.