Booker Joins the Wrap-Up Show

Howard started off the show saying he saw Chris Booker over the weekend, and since Booker is currently without a job, he's been listening to the show all the time. Booker offered some criticisms, including a complaint about the number of Benjy segments on The Wrap-Up Show. To make matters worse, Benjy was late coming into the studio this morning, causing Howard to ask what was going on. Benjy explained he'd been trying to jump in on a live newscast downstairs, which quickly changed Howard's attitude: "Oh, ok." Later, Howard concluded that Booker's critique of Benjy was accurate and announced he was going to allow Booker to sit in on the Wrap-Up Show and help move things along. Gary came in to complain about taking orders from a non-employee. Howard didn't want to hear it, and everyone seemed to agree that Booker's appearance would at least be interesting.