Chris Rock is No Swimmer

Chris Rock stopped by to promote his new HBO special and said he was glad to visit on a day that Artie wasn't "on leave." When Chris noted he had seen Robin's boat in Jet Magazine, Howard asked if he thought it was ridiculous that Robin has a yacht when she can't swim, but Chris replied that he couldn't swim either: "I'm from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. You can't just go around the corner [and find a pool]." Howard then wondered if Chris' wife hated him (Howard), and Chris admitted it was true: "Everybody knows it...I try to tell her, 'Honey, he's on for hours every day. If I were on for hours, I'd offend everybody.'" Howard asked if Chris was getting laid, and Chris' reply was quick: "Of course not!" Chris also denied rumors that he had an affair with his "I Think I Love My Wife" co-star, Kerry Washington: "Kerry's beautiful, but no." Chris noted that he keeps an office near Howard's house, and he keeps an eye on Beth from his window: "You know that look that some women give, the 'I'm-with-an-old-guy...make your move'? She doesn't give that look...I wish you well, but your life's gonna change."

Howard wondered how Chris put together his latest HBO special, so Chris explained that he puts his set together and then flies in a handful of writers to watch him perform it in Vegas and give him notes: "You invest in yourself." Sal came in to finally ask Chris if he was offended when Sal greeted him at a Beastie Boys concert back in the '90's with a friendly, "What's up, my n---a?" Chris didn't remember meeting Sal but said, "People curse around me more than they do around other people...I don't need that." Chris told the crew about a "prank" that was pulled on him in South Africa that involved a rumor about him having an affair with a young British girl: "They said I had sex with a minor in London." Howard said he would kill anyone who made similar accusations about him. Chris explained that the prank show's producers set up a fake courtroom and a huge supporting cast, but he knew he was safe: "I knew I hadn't f'ed anybody...[so] I got the f' out the country."