The Eric the Midget Real Doll Goes to Court

Howard noted that Jimmy Kimmel emailed the show to beg them to make a real doll double of Eric the Midget, causing Eric to call in to threaten Howard: "If you do it, you're gonna face some legal problems." Howard told Eric that he didn't need his permission: "I'll go to court with you over that...I'll take the Eric the Midget real doll and fly it around with balloons." Richard came in to say he couldn't wait to take the doll's "little claw-hand and wrap it around my cock." Artie finally brought in the package of pictures that Eric the Midget had signed for each member of the crew. Howard asked if the 8x10 of Eric had been doctored, as there were no splotches on the little guy's face, and Eric admitted there may have been a few touch-ups. Howard then opened Eric's other gift, a copy of Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps, and read Eric's loving inscription. Robin complained that she couldn't hang her picture anywhere, because Eric's inscription calls her a witch and tells her to shove vegetables inside her.