Brad Garrett Comes Out Swinging

Brad Garrett stopped by to promote "Till Death" and told the crew that he wouldn't be explaining the black eye he was sporting this morning: "I had an accident last night...I won't tell ya." Brad asked Howard how "well endowed" he must be to demand an 11-carat engagement ring, so Howard answered by quoting Brad's comments on loneliness. Howard explained that he and Beth enjoyed each other's company, which was a rare thing after 7 years together: "Beth and I clicked. I like being with her." Brad admitted that he'd like to find a woman like Beth: "You're the luckiest f' in the world. She runs ten miles and comes back?" Howard asked Brad about his new dating show: "You're not being honest. You were hoping you'd meet someone hot." Brad said Howard was probably right, but none of the girls that auditioned made the cut. HowardTV brought up a picture of Brad's girlfriend on the in-studio monitors, but Brad claimed they had that the wrong girl: "[That's] a, that's someone I dated almost a year ago." Brad laughed that the girl he was dating now was 5'3", which, for a 6'7" guy, is a big difference. When HowardTV finally found a picture of his actual girlfriend, everyone agreed that she was hot.

As a parting shot, Brad expressed some concern about Artie's drinking, saying that the he shouldn't be afraid that sobriety will ruin his act or talent, which is sometimes a hard thing for alcoholics to hear: "When people used to tell me that, I wanted to put them through a wall...but you gotta be ready." Brad added that Artie can't turn into a "just a beer, just a glass of wine" drinker – he has to go all the way: "Don't waste our time."