Joan Rivers Goes to a Royal Birthday Party

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Joan Rivers stopped by to promote her new book, "Men Are Stupid And They Like Big Boobs," and told the crew that she'd once had a breast reduction: "When I hit on the Carson Show, they started sending me all theses dresses and I had these big Jew tits...I had grandma breasts."

Howard asked why Joan forced her daughter into surgery as well, so Joan explained: "I did her a favor. She had my old nose. It was a little too thick."

Joan laughed that she recently went to Prince Charles' birthday party and really took to Charles' wife, Camilla Parker Bowles: "If she sat here, you'd adore her...she's one of these English women who doesn't photograph well." Joan said she also spoke with the Queen but doubts that the Queen liked her: "She [probably] thinks I'm a Jew commoner."

Howard then asked Joan if she ever regretted any of her cosmetic surgeries, so she cited a liposuction procedure: "I went to a doctor I didn't check out and he did a bad job."