Controversy Surrounds the Lisa G Game

Howard promised three callers the chance to win $500 by playing The Lisa G Game - all they had to do was guess how much money Lisa G had made from her charity cookie sales. The guess closest to the amount - without going over - wins the prize.

A caller named Gary went with a very generous $650. Another, James, guessed $132. The third, John, one-upped Gary with a guess of $651. Howard then gave the answer - $500 - and awarded James his prize.

Jason came in to dispute the $500 amount, as it was the amount Lisa donated - but all of it didn't come from the cookie sales. Lisa followed Jason in to confess that he was right: "I didn't make a lot of money from the cookie sales." Howard wanted to know the exact amount she made off the cookies, but Lisa refused to say: "It's embarrassing." Under pressure, Lisa admitted it was over James' guess of $132, but not by much.