Sharon Osbourne and Cindi Lauper Stop By

Sharon Osbourne and Cindi Lauper stopped by to promote some charity but refused to name it for some reason. Howard asked about Sharon crying during Kelly Osbourne's appearance on "Dancing with the Stars," and Cindi – not Sharon – began crying, explaining: "[Sharon] got to see her daughter on TV." Howard wondered if Ozzy had been smoking a lot of weed when his family taped "The Osbournes," but Sharon just laughed: "Weed? Are you joking? What about the 47 pills and the booze?"

Sharon told the crew she didn't care about the times Ozzy had cheated on her: "He doesn't know their names. He's never gonna see them again." Cindi said her husband wasn't a cheater, referencing an old Ozzy story: "If he walked in with a Japanese girl, I would think he brought her to meet me." Howard asked how much Sharon got paid to be a judge on "America's Got Talent," and Sharon snapped: "Not's not great pay."

Cindi Poops For Charity

At some point during the interview, Cindi walked out to use the bathroom: "I'll be right back."

In her absence, Sharon held court on David Hasselhoff's sobriety ("When I see David, he's clean, sober, fabulous.") and her lesbian experiences: "I've kissed a woman, but I'm not a carpet muncher."

Gary later came in to say Cindi had been in the bathroom for about 15 minutes – when she returned, Howard demanded she admit to doing more than just peeing. Cindi claimed her outfit was hard to get in and out of but eventually acquiesced: "Yes, sure. For charity."