Howard on the Letterman Scandal

Howard said everyone wanted to know what he thought of the Letterman scandal. Robin saw Dave in a new light, calling him a "sexy guy." Howard noted that Beth was never approached by Dave – or anyone else, for that matter – during her tenure as one of the Late Show presenters: "It was a great experience for her."

Howard added Letterman's prude attitude was the first clue: "It's always the uptight people that are into weird shit." Howard thought Dave should've apologized to his wife during his public statement. Robin agreed – but Artie could've cared less: "I'm just glad he isn't gay."

Howard laughed that he loved Dave, but he should've turned to Ashley Madison if he needed new pussy: "Dave knows better than to do something like this." Robin joked: "They're calling it the Bed Sullivan Theater now." Howard noted that he has always maintained a "no sex with interns" rule for himself and for those who work for him as he never wants anyone to feel that you can get ahead by "sucking off the boss."