Chevy Chase is on Hiatus

Chevy Chase called in to promote his Green School fundraising auction on and said he was on 'hiatus' from NBC's 'Community'--a welcome break from the show's 15-hour-long days: "It's an ensemble've gotta be available for every shot." Chevy said he returned to New York during the show's breaks, as he's not a fan of LA: "I don't really 'hang out' at all." Chevy added that he was happy at the show's moderate success: "It's not a huge success. It's about as successful as NBC is."

Give Leno a Soap Opera

Howard asked what Chevy thought of NBC's decision to give Jay Leno a primetime show, and Chevy shrugged: "I don't know what to say about that other than I was never a big Jay Leno fan one way or another...they should settle with Jay. It wasn't good for Conan." Chevy later added that NBC should make their choice and stick to it: "Keep Conan and give Jay a soap opera or something." Howard kept at it, and Chevy kept rolling: "I don't think he's funny the way Johnny was or the other guys are." Even admitting Jay's effect on the of the network's line-up: "He's not getting hurts the network." And questioned the network's reasoning: "How do you do that to Conan O'Brien? How can we know how well Conan would do without Jay at 10?"