Chevy Chase is on Hiatus

November 18, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Chevy Chase called in to promote his Green School fundraising auction on and said he was on ‘hiatus’ from NBC’s ‘Community’–a welcome break from the show’s 15-hour-long days: “It’s an ensemble piece…you’ve gotta be available for every shot.” Chevy said he returned to New York during the show’s breaks, as he’s not a fan of LA: “I don’t really ‘hang out’ at all.” Chevy added that he was happy at the show’s moderate success: “It’s not a huge success. It’s about as successful as NBC is.”

Give Leno a Soap Opera

Howard asked what Chevy thought of NBC’s decision to give Jay Leno a primetime show, and Chevy shrugged: “I don’t know what to say about that other than I was never a big Jay Leno fan one way or another…they should settle with Jay. It wasn’t good for Conan.” Chevy later added that NBC should make their choice and stick to it: “Keep Conan and give Jay a soap opera or something.” Howard kept at it, and Chevy kept rolling: “I don’t think he’s funny the way Johnny was or the other guys are.” Even admitting Jay’s effect on the of the network’s line-up: “He’s not getting ratings…it hurts the network.” And questioned the network’s reasoning: “How do you do that to Conan O’Brien? How can we know how well Conan would do without Jay at 10?”