Perez Hilton, the Queen of All Blogs

After a break, Howard then turned to Perez Hilton, who said he was in town promoting his new book, 'True Bloggyworld Stories.' Perez added that his blog-empire had expanded to include two employees ("My sister and another girl and me.") but he's the mastermind: "I still work 16 hours a day and I love it."

Asked about Tiger Wood's mistress, Perez laughed: "I actually know this girl. Not very well...she used to date this big club owner in Vegas." Perez went on: "She gets around. Before Tiger Woods she was seen around with Ryan Seacrest and David Boreanaz." Perez added that he didn't believe either her or Tiger's denials: "I believe the wife that beat Tiger's ass because she found out it was really happening."

Feuds with Demi and Miley

Howard asked about Perez's feud with Demi Moore, so Perez laughed: "Can you name the last hit movie Demi Moore was in?" Howard admitted it had been a while, and Perez continued: "Once you've achieved a certain level of fame, you can coast for the rest of your life...if she's listening, Demi, you're f'ing stupid." Perez said he actually tried to provoke fights – like he had with Demi – on Twitter: "I f'ing love it."

Perez laughed that he'd also feuded with Miley Cyrus after dubbing her 'Slutty Cyrus' – specifically citing her 'Pretty Woman' Halloween costume: "You know what she went dressed as? A hooker." Perez said they'd since patched things up: "We're friends actually. She just emailed me the other day." Perez even divulged the email's content, which read: "Can you tell Adam Lambert I'm obsessed with him?"

Find That Plug Doc

Perez told the crew he wanted to consult the doctor who did Matthew McConaughey's hairplugs: "I will sign a confidentiality agreement because I want him to do me."